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Mac Guys are recognised for providing state of the art service of phone repair London. Our team of expert, friendly and qualified technicians offer a comprehensive range of services that will ensure your phone gets back into its original condition quickly.

Whether you have cracked, damaged your phone screen or need a new battery, Mac Guys have got you covered. So contact us to get you device sorted.

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best experience and service, and this is the reason that we offer a warranty on our phone repair service. To put a cherry on top, we also offer price that is unbeatable and market competitive. We aim to give you affordability and quality as well.

Reliable Phone Repair Service London:

Indeed, phones have become an integral part of our lives. We can surf the web, log onto our social networking sites or play games for hours to entertain yourself. But, imagine you going through your messages and accidentally your phone slips out of your hand and its screen is shattered. You will feel devasted.

So if you are facing a similar situation and are in need to repair your broken screen, we are your best option. Our technicians are fully trained and are capable of providing the best repairing service to their valued customers in London. We can fix:Phone Repair London

  1. .Glass digitiser faults
  2. Home button faults
  3. Ribbon faults
  4. Lcd faults
  5. Lens replacement
  6. Touchscreen faults
  7. Speaker faults
  8. Microphone faults
  9. Signal faults
  10. Keypad faults
  11. Liquid damage faults
  12. Software Faults
  13. Not powering up faults
  14. Charging faults
  15. Housing replacements
  16. Unlocking
  17. Security codes reset

Why Choose Mac Guys:


We feel proud to say that we provide phone repair warranty which covers any parts and labour. It is to give you peace of mind that we stand behind our repairs. Also, our technicians are trained to treat your phone with utmost care.

The reason for this is that if our repairing service fails you can always bring it back and we fix it at no cost. But in case the screen of your phone gets damaged by you then you have to accept the additional costs related to its replacement.

Your Data Is Safe:

In case your screen or the whole phone stops operating, you might be worried about how you will recover all your relevant data? For some, a broken mobile phone means no access to their pictures, videos, contacts, and much more. So bring your phone to us, and we will recover any records that would potentially be lost in the process. If you try to replace or repair your screen your self, then it could result in damaging internal components which result in loss of financial data.

No matter what type of data it is financial or personal, it is safe with us. We assure you that any sensitive data on your phone will not be compromised.

Fast Turnaround:

We fully understand the essential part the phone play in your life. Due to this, we provide fast phone repair services. Most of them can be done right away in less than 60 minutes. So you can stay connected with your friends, family or employees.

Largest Inventory of Device Parts:

Repairing your smartphone’s screen your self may appear to be the best cost-effective approach to a broken phone. However, you, in the end, get what you pay for. Low-quality replacements might be cheap, but they are also cheaply made. By using our phone repair service in London, you will get quality parts so you can get your phone in its original condition.Phone Repair London

We can proudly say that we possess the most extensive variety and selection of phone parts in London. No matter what device model you have and what issue you are facing we can fix it in no time, faster than anyone in London.

On-Site, On-Demand Repairs:

To give our customers the ultimate convenience, we provide our customers with on-site services that need a quick fix.

Experienced Technicians:

In today world, it will be difficult and hard to find someone who is not using a touchscreen smartphone. So if you have damaged your phone screen, rest assured you are not the first one who has done this and also not the first one to get it repaired quickly. It has become a universal norm, and in addition to their training, our team of technicians have proper training and experience in screen repairs, and they are an excellent option to get the job done.

Our team of technicians also can proficiently do Apple MacBook screen repair London. They offer a comprehensive range of repairing services, so you will find the one that you are looking for.


Last but not least, getting your phone repair London by us is the most cost-effective solution than buying a new one. We can repair your damaged screen at a fraction of the price and your phone, and its touchscreen performs like a new one. So you will get to save your time and money without worrying about anything else.

A damaged or cracked screen may make you feel like you have lost everything but getting it repaired is the best way to save your device, time, effort and money.

For further information or queries do not hesitate in contacting us. Our friendly customer representative staff is always available at your assistance. They will guide you properly on any matter. We strive to achieve your satisfaction so that you hire our service time and again and recommend it to others as well.