I have spilled liquid on my Laptop! What should I do?!

First of all please, note that computers don’t drink!

If you have spilled any liquid on your Laptop, you should immediately wear your shoes and coat take your laptop and run to Macguys Service Centre at 112 Tooting Bec Road!


With no jokes, even if you have spilled few drops on your trackpad, keyboard or speaker area, sooner or later, it will impact the performance of your Laptop.  Here is list of things you should do right after the incident:

  1. Don’t PANIC!
  2.  Immediately unplug the charging cable
  3.  Switch off the laptop 
  4.  Put a towel in-between, close the top and revert upside   down or just put a towel on a table and place the laptop keyboard facing the surface
  5. Wait for it to dry…


Once its dry, the story is not over. Those of us who feel glad and relieved once the laptop turns on after liquid spillage, unfortunately have to understand  that happiness won’t last for long. Here is what happens when any humid or liquid penetrates the device – Corrosion!




Obviously, corrosion has a slow but yet fatal effect for your logic board. To avoid that, we strongly recommend, to use our logic board services. We can remove the corrosion and reflow the damaged elements. This will save your device and prevent you spending on new device. 

Worst comes worst, but in some rare cases, we are unable to save patients life, however, we can still transplant replacement assembly part! When it comes to this point, we will let you know if its worth spending and find the replacement part for you. 

Please look after your devices, but if you fail to, don’t worry, we are based at 112 Tooting Bec Road. We are always happy to find best solutions for you!

 In any case you can always call us on 02 08 767 1955

  Interesting Facts:

  • Laptops with wine spillage have slightly less chances to survive
  • Any liquid damage almost always requires keyboard replacement
  • Water spillage is less fatal for logic boards