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Apple Mac Repairs

We can carry out all types of Apple Mac repair and support. If your Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro is damaged or faulty there are a number of ways we can help. If you wish we can arrange for collection of your Apple Mac with packaging.

Terms and Conditions and various standard charges are detailed at the bottom of this page. If your are sending a machine in for repair please print and complete our Apple Repair Authorisation Form and send it with the machine.


The first stage in any repair is to decide whether you need to send your Apple Mac to us, or whether you can resolve the problem yourself.

Apple Mac Laptop Screen Repairs

If your screen is smashed or damaged it will obviously require replacement, but if it has failed it may not, there are a number of other (and usually cheaper) components that can cause a screen to fail or to go very dark. Simply ordering a new screen will not necessarily resolve the problem, so we would advise sending the Apple Mac in for repair. Unlike many laptop parts, screen parts are very often interchangeable between models. We hold large stocks of new and used screens and machines for spares, and it is often cheaper to send the laptop in for repair, rather than to attempt the repair yourself, as we can select an alternative replacement panel.

Once we receive the machine we will be able to give you an accurate price for repair.

iPhone Screen Repairs

We repair all types of iPhone screen damage. Whether you have a cracked or broken screen, or if the screen is simply not responding properly we can assess the damage and repair it. In some cases you may need a new iPhone screen, but in other cases we may not need to replace the screen and simply repair the damage. We have stocks of different iPhone screens and so can provide a fast, affordable and professional service.

Once we can see the damage we will be able to give you an accurate price for repair.

Keyboard, Hard Drive and Removable Module Repairs

Most customers find that they can replace these parts themselves without difficulty. If you have ordered a keyboard, or hard drive, and need advice fitting it please email or call. If you are telephoning please have the machine and part in front of you when you call! If you are not sure whether you can fit the component and need advice before ordering again please email or call.

Main board, power and other internal repairs

These tend to fall into two categories. The first is Apple Macs that simply refuse to turn on, the second is Apple Macs that start but behave erratically or fail. If your machine will not start there a couple of things to try before sending the machine in for repair. the first is to remove the battery and removable optical (i.e. CDROM) drives and establish if the machine will boot from the mains power. For example some Macs will not boot with a failed battery fitted.

As a final test you may also wish to remove the hard drive and see if the machine powers up. If your machine runs erratically it may have either a software or hardware problem. Please contact us for advice.

If you have established that the machine needs repair please contact us to establish whether a repair is possible. Internal components are usually unique to to the model of machine, we will be able to give you some idea of likely cost and availability of spares. Sending laptops in for repair If your machine requires repair you will need to send it to us for an estimate. Please print and complete our Apple Repair Authorisation Form and send it with your Apple Mac to us at:

112 Tooting Bec Road
SW17 8BQ